Exercise in ‘What is stopping you?’



Create for 2018 and jump straight in



I want to inspire you to take action to finally ‘nail’ that business idea and move forward with your life. We have many ‘blocks’ in our lives, which we also wouldn’t be without, so it is a case of moving them or simply looking at them from a fresh perspective. From there you can gain clarity and then identify the next steps you need to take and then finally commit to the HOW.


So what is stopping you)

  1. Write a list of factors that are holding you back, you know… those commitments we have, people who rely on us, things that pull on our time that leaves little space for anything else let alone move a business or idea forward.

2. Identify what you want – again a list or sketch of how that looks.

3. What do you need to do to make that happen?

4. What will you do and by when?


December is an ideal time (between all the Christmas madness) to reflect and to create a plan for 2018.

Don’t forget….look back on 2017 and celebrate your successes as well and be proud!


So get a pen and journal and write it down to make 2018 your best year yet!


Create for 2018 and jump straight in



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