I caught up with Business Coach – Claudia Filsinger

I have had the pleasure to work with business coach Claudia Filsinger at Oxford Brookes University for several years and I love her innovative approach to removing the obstacles or barriers we have in our daily life to really move on and create the life we want.

I caught up with her and asked her a few questions. Read on and enjoy….

1) What do you do to find inspiration for your business when you are feeling that it isn’t forward?

I find stepping back to allow me to see the bigger picture and reminding myself where I want to get to really important. I use reflective writing and mind mapping for this, alone and with others. And I use my own ‘Moving Maps’ approach of course, for self coaching. I map opportunities and challenges with objects in 3D to give me clarity on the current situation, and what changes I could make to develop my business. Also, my peer group is very important to me to exchange experiences and information, and as a general support.


Claudia Filsinger


2) Many women lack confidence and don’t believe in themselves, capabilities and strengths. Why do you think this is?

There are individual reasons to do with past experiences and other external factors. In particular roles models have a very large impact. Either through a lack of positive role models or negative role models who are rejected. From my coaching experience I would say that most people have these thoughts, but for some people  they impact their behaviour more. How to manage the inner critic is an important skill to learn. Further, being more self-aware of and playing to one’s strengths more can help to overcome these negative thoughts.

3) How do you juggle being a mum with running a business? What’s the secre

t of your success.

A key learning point for me was to accept that there are times when work and life are out of balance, often during school term time. I focus more on how to integrate work and life over longer periods, e.g. planning how I recharge and by protecting family time by keeping certain school holidays free from work. Day -to-day I focus as much as I can, for example I rarely read e-mails on the go, mainly at my desk. I find this more efficient as I can take more actions straight away. In terms of developing my business, I am driven by learning opportunities. I am very strategic in focussing on work which I find interesting and where I can learn something. From the very beginning, I have been consciously turning work down where I felt it wouldn’t have enough benefits to

develop personally and professionally further.

4) What would you like to change in the World? 

Lots of things but I believe small changes we can make to how we live our life and how we run our businesses do have a wider impact.

5) Which is your favourite place? 

Any green and open space! I grew up on a farm and love being outdoors. So I try to go for walks as much as I can, even if it is just a short one at lunch time or walking to school.


Claudia Filsinger is an experienced Business Coach and Workshop Facilitator. Her corporate background is sales and her clients include small businesses as well as global organisations. In addition to her coaching and consulting work she teaches Business, Coaching and Sales on commercial and Higher Education courses.

In our new WORKSHOP you will have the opportunity to map out your business opportunity with 3D objects. This helps you achieve clarity on the current situation and to identify next steps and resources subsequently. You will go away with an image of what you are working towards, and having learned a process you can use for self-coaching.


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