We caught up with British Textile Designer Claire Gaudion….

You draw a lot of inspiration from the island of Guernsey – when did you begin to work with those ideas? 
I have always been inspired by my home islands. I was born and grew up there, and I go back often. It’s such a special place for me; it’s part of my identity, of who I am. The coastal landscape is stunning and I think it will always be a an inspiration to me.


Why express coastal references through abstract textile design, as opposed to a more literal representation?

It’s about the way I see the world, and a love of abstract art and design. My focus is on textiles and the way I work is all about colour and weave structure, when you interlace and layer different colours together you get a wonderfu


l blend. I love looking at the coastline and watching the changing light and the colours turning from one shade to another, this natural movement of colours and patterns in the landscape informs my designs.

How important is a sense of place and story within interior design?

Every product has a story. People love to be able to connect with a design story and see what has inspired the different patterns and colour; they may connect with the coastal inspiration, or the story of the production process.




Textile designer Claire Gaudion

Do you think that people have an emotional connection to fabrics and textiles?

Definitely – I think they also have an emotional connection to colour. Even if people can’t articulate that or identify with it in an obvious way, colour and textiles are things we react to emotionally. When we style our rooms, we want to feel good in our surroundings, and textiles and colour can be a powerful tool in designing positive spaces.

How do your designs complement Mockbee & Co’s concept of fresh luxury?

CLAIRE GAUDION designs are also all about luxury, quality and longevity, and our designs have a contemporary feel and a freshness that comes from our sophisticated use of colours and patterns. Both of us share a similar vision and aesthetic for interiors and styling, so I think we fit very well with Mockbee & Co’s idea of ‘fresh luxury’.

How has working with Mockbee & Co changed or developed the way you work?

For example, we have been working with Mockbee & Co on some of the new Dulux colourways. While my original patterns may have stemmed directly from the islands, some of these have been re-interpreted with a different palette. Also, we have collaborated on lampshades with Mockbee & Co. and added metallic linings, metallic finishes are not something usually found in my print or woven work. Mockbee & Co’s striking metallic linings add a beautiful depth and variation to the patterns. Together we have also created new products, such as the wallpapers and ottoman. Adding their expertise to our product development, have been a really exciting and creative process.


Textile designer Claire Gaudion works with Mockbee & Co.




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