Headstart Enterprise Academy – Oxfordshire 2018

Why do we need this?

A call for an entrepreneurial mindset is key, not just for the next generation to start their own businesses but also for them to work in competitive contemporary organisations.

Through my time as teacher and tutor, this is a subject very close to my heart and seems a natural progression for me to help ‘sow the seed’ as early as possible as our futures and our childrens depend on the next generation, don’t they?

The course is written for 3 terms to run in 3 hourly sessions. This can be adapted to suit the school programme and this could be run in a morning/afternoon or indeed on a Saturday as it will be delivered in a ‘fun’ and creative way with plenty of practical activities building to a final pitch scenario.



I believe there is a real need for this kind of extra input to sit alongside the curriculum and will not only benefit the participants but also the school community as a whole;

Benefits to the participants:

  • Students aware of their role and understand the importance of developing character traits for better leadership
  • Students become more self-reflective around their character traits and skills
  • Students feel powerful, creative, unique and eager to take on tasks that previously found challenging through problem-solving tasks
  • Students develop time management skills and function better under pressure
  • Students become more self-motivated and positive, measuring themselves by progress
  • Students improve their public speaking skills and feel more confident in front of an audience
  • Students begin to affect their peers, school community and social circles with their more developed social skills and team-working efforts
  • Students begin to build stronger relationships with their support network, developing emotional intelligence and bigger picture thinking


Benefits to the school community:

  • Grounding for leadership work throughout the year
  • Happy, responsible, focused and successful students
  • Students shifting from dependency to initiative
  • Establishing relationships between students for more collaboration and higher performance
  • People supporting one another, having shared an experience to develop a ‘winning’ mindset
  • A trend towards  a happy school life


Max group size is 18 students.


Are you interested as a school or college, then please get in touch to discuss your requirements.



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